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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Phoning Potential Clients

Posted on 1:24 PM by PIXSPECTIVE

Most magicians nowadays rely on the different forms of media to market themselves. Magic is a tough business since you will be competing with fellow magicians for clients. Marketing plays a big role on a magician’s professional success. The more shows he has, the more earnings he will gain. These earnings will be allotted for his needs and for his wants (magic props etc.)

Marketing is by definition any means to make people interested in buying a product or services from you. Today, magicians are entering the online marketing arena. Conventionally, Filipino magicians rely on their business cards and the word of mouth from clients to potential clients and some rely on any referral from the local party shop.

While preparing for a mentalism feat with phonebooks, I stumbled upon an idea. I know this idea is being used by a lot of people and it also might work for magic.

Marketing is like creating a web. The wider you create your web, the better your chances are of having a potential client. Here’s my idea.

Open the phonebook and look through the yellow pages. If you are fond of doing shows for corporate events, you’ll love this. As you could see there are tons and tons of companies on the yellow pages. Perceive these companies as your potential clients. If you have your own landline phone then good for you.

You might want to try and call at least ten companies and tell them about your services. Its like doing a telemarketing job. You could start by asking about their company and then tell them that you are offering your services as a magician in case they have corporate events. Make it sound like you are making a deal rather than begging for them to book you. Give them your name, contact number and your website. A website would be a good use, so they would be able to check it out after your call.

You won't lose anything with this strategy unless you are calling through a payphone that is. You can make this a habit by calling 10 companies a day. Just imagine how wide your web can be. In one week, you will be able to contact 70 companies and in a month, 280 companies. It’s impossible that in 280 companies that you phoned, there wouldn't be at least one client that will book you for a show.

Take in mind, that sometimes these companies usually hire magicians from the local party shop which performs a low quality show. 


It's because the employees from the company don't have time to look for top notch magicians unless they know one already.

Now don’t worry if a company is used to hiring a certain magician, chances are they are already fed up with him and his usual show. Sometimes it is easier to market to a company that is already used to hiring a magician for their events like anniversaries and Christmas parties since you are offering them something new - just make sure that you do.

Another good idea that you could use in adjunction to this is by sending them a letter with an attachment of your business card and once you know that they received the letter, you could call them up.

I hope this would be a big help.

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