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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Doing Shows For a Corporate Meeting

Posted on 12:00 PM by PIXSPECTIVE

It’s been quite a while since I lost blogged about magic. I’ve been blogging for more than a year on my WP blog ( but I have to transfer to blogspot now for some reasons. Though wordpress is a good blogging platform, there are things from blogspot that I need.

I will be blogging about magic on this site from now on.
Yesterday, I did a show for a multinational company here in Gensan. It was not your usual ‘corporate event’ since there is no event at all. I was invited to do a dinner show after their meeting.

I was really sick when I got there with a temperature of 37.4 degrees Celsius but as the saying goes ‘the show must go on’. I pulled out my last drop of adrenaline and put on a dynamic and funny show. It was awesome! The audiences were all gathered behind their laptops and paper works. It was a great ambience which is very advantageous for me since I prepared patter based feats.

After the show, I was totally drained and took some time staring at my room’s ceiling and thought of some tips in doing corporate shows.

Tip#1: Know the background of the company
This would be very helpful in setting up your routine. For example you will be doing a show for a soft drink company; you might want to add some bottle tricks into your act. One good idea is to shrink their products into inches. That would create a big laugh and at the same time they would appreciate your effort of using their product into your routines.

Tip#2: Know the number of audience
Even if the organizer told you the number of expected guests, expect more! Some employees might bring their kids along. So you might want to prepare some routines that could easily be understood by kids.

Tip#3: Know the BIG MEN in the company.
During your performances, acknowledge the presence of the bosses, the managers especially the executives of the company.

Tip#4: Get the right volunteers
If I got some comedy routines where I will have to make one of the audiences look funny, I don’t really go for the executives or people in higher positions. Their egos would be smashed unless their willing to do so.

Tip#5: Prepare tons of business cards
One good idea is to give your business card to the organizer, so she could distribute it while you are doing your show.

Tip#6: End your show with a feisty or witty ending.
Whenever I do corporate shows, I don’t usually go for big and grand endings. I always end in a humorous one liner.

Tip#7: Don’t leave immediately after the show
You might be able to meet potential clients later on.

Tip#8: Prepare some close up stuffs to perform after the show
This would be a great way to also use your bcards.

Will be posting an article about being hired by a company to convince a potential investor soon. . . 

I hope this helps...


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